The Bruno Gilbert team

What is the perfect equation for working in real estate?

A turnkey service, a good ability to adapt? Among other things. Although these words describe us, as far as we are concerned.

We are the Bruno Gilbert team, real estate brokers at RE/MAX Bonjour. Every day is an opportunity to transpose our values of respect, collaboration and courtesy that we live by through our actions, both with our clients and among our team members. Accessible and transparent, we ensure that all projects are handled with a perfect balance of enthusiasm, realism and thoroughness.

Our dedication to the task, which betrays all the pride we feel to be part of such a structured and accomplished team, is explained by our deep conviction that results come with effort.

Upon reflection, our true nature as brokers is found in our humanity and integrity, principles that lead us to give the right answer, and this, in the highest goal of professionalism.

We are waiting for you with a smile on our face and ready to take on your challenge.


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Bruno Gilbert Team

  • Bruno Gilbert
    Bruno Gilbert
    Residential Real Estate Broker
    Bruno Gilbert courtier immobilier inc
    They say that few decisions made on the spur of the moment turn out to be successful. Well, I guess I'm the exception to the rule. Let me tell you why.

    For as long as I can remember, I've learned to go with my gut and follow my instincts, thus forging my ability to adapt. Naturally, among the good and bad decisions, one led me into the real estate business. Years later, I am still practicing my passion, with no regrets on the horizon.

    My name is Bruno Gilbert, residential real estate broker at RE/MAX. Every day is an opportunity to transpose the values of respect, collaboration and courtesy that I live by through my actions, both with my clients and my team. Accessible and transparent, I ensure that all projects are handled with a perfect balance of enthusiasm, realism and rigor.

    My dedication to the task, which betrays all the pride I feel to be the leader of such a structured and accomplished team, is explained by my deep conviction that results come with effort. First in, last out!

    On reflection, my true nature as a broker lies in my humanity and integrity, principles that lead me to give the right information, and this, with the greatest of professional goals. I am waiting for you with a smile on my face and ready to take up your challenge.
  • Cynthia Couture
    Cynthia Couture
    Wherever my professional life has taken me, there has always been a common denominator: putting the client first. Let's just say that the real estate broker's path follows the same direction, with one exception.

    My name is Cynthia Couture. My priority? The human behind the transaction. I love challenges and I certainly have energy to spare (and a ton of puns)! From early childhood educator to retail sales, fun has always been an important part of my daily life. However, my journey through adversity has shaped the woman I am today. 

    In fact, I still wear many hats today, single mother being one of them. My rigor, my empathy and my great generosity stem directly from this. Convinced that each story has its own DNA, I make sure I know my clients' stories in order to better guide them and negotiate skillfully in their best interest. To ensure this, I offer them a personalized service where listening, humor, collaboration and curiosity reign. 

    If being part of a team allows me to embody one of my greatest values, loyalty, on a daily basis, it manifests itself through each relationship I develop with my clients. This makes me an approachable and trustworthy broker. 

    Above all, I am authentic and in love with the public. My work remains the best way for me to fulfill myself in everything that is important to me: being myself, surpassing myself and making a difference in people's lives. In yours, perhaps?
  • Gabrielle Blais
    Gabrielle Blais
    Simple. Real. If you only remembered that part, you'd almost know me by heart. Unless you have a minute? My name is Gabrielle Blais, a real estate broker with the Bruno Gilbert

    team.My career has taught me at least one lesson: take the time to do things right. My decisions are well thought out, and whether it's in sports or in the arts, I've distinguished myself by applying it to the letter. The result? An imperfect trajectory, perseverance and a huge smile. Because yes, in my eyes, happiness is found in adversity as well as in the little things. But sometimes, it takes the form of residential projects. My goal? To make them happen without complicating your life.

    There is no doubt that working with me means accessibility. If my energy is contagious, my non-judgmental and open-minded attitude makes every interaction rewarding. Human. And with a dose of honesty and efficiency, the outcomes always reflect the needs of my clients, without wasting time.For me, gratitude and humility are among the values

    I hold most dear. I am therefore grateful to be in a profession where trust is essential. New to this field, I let my deep generosity, my authenticity and my joie de vivre lead me to my professional fulfillment. 

    And who do I meet on my way? You, who know me (almost) by heart.

    I only ask to return the favor
  • Steven Pimenta
    Steven Pimenta
    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Broker
    Steven Pimenta Inc.
    What happens when you combine experience, passion and perseverance? A story that sounds a lot like mine. My name is Steven Pimenta, real estate broker for the Bruno Gilbert team.

    If my 16 years in the real estate brokerage business have given me experience, knowledge and tools, they have also given me a sense of the person I want to be every day. Friendly, approachable and extremely thorough, I approach each transaction as the result of a privileged relationship based on trust, cooperation and proximity. My role as a father and the values of family, respect and honesty that I hold are key factors in this.

    To say that I am a passionate person is an understatement. I've always been attracted to houses, structures and working with the public. Is this what being on your X is all about? Every day I share my clients' challenges and make them my priority, in simplicity. I listen and use my honesty as my best weapon, without ever sacrificing my humanity.

    Yes, my patience and perseverance have seen me through the changes in the real estate world. But there is one thing that has not changed: the formula that makes me who I am.

    Now that you know it, all you have to do is benefit from it.
  • Joël Langevin
    Joël Langevin
  • Samantha Rizkalla
    Samantha Rizkalla

    As a residential real estate broker within the Bruno Gilbert team at RE/MAX Bonjour, I stand out for my dynamic passion for real estate. My unwavering dedication to my clients allows me to embody the essence of authenticity and respect in my profession.

    I place paramount importance on the human aspect of my work. My approach involves establishing trust by attentively listening to the specific needs of each client. For me, the key to a successful transaction lies in deeply understanding individual expectations and fostering an authentic connection based on mutual respect.

    Within RE/MAX Bonjour, I distinguish myself by always aiming to exceed expectations. I remain constantly attuned to market trends and developments in the real estate landscape, ensuring I offer informed and relevant advice to my diverse clientele.

    My commitment to excellence is evident through a meticulous and professional approach in every transaction. I strive to make the real estate process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for my clients, leveraging my expertise and a keen sense of personalized service.

    In summary, I position myself as a residential real estate broker who expertly blends professional competence with fundamental values. My dedication to authenticity, empathy, and respect makes me a highly regarded professional within RE/MAX Bonjour, delivering memorable client experiences and exceptional results.

  • Marc-Antoine Gratton
    Marc-Antoine Gratton
    I'm Marc-Antoine, a residential real estate broker with a passion for what I do. My unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and total dedication have been the pillars of my exceptional career in residential real estate.From an early age, I nurtured my passion for real estate, dreaming of creating memorable experiences for every customer. I quickly realized that the key to success lay in teamwork, and so I entered the competitive world of real estate, ready to take on any challenge that came my way.

    Over the years, I've acquired unrivalled expertise in analyzing the real estate market and understanding the specific needs of my customers. For me, every project is more than just a transaction, it's an opportunity to create lasting bonds with those I serve. I approach each project with the same passion and commitment as if it were my own home. I believe every customer deserves a dynamic and successful real estate experience, and that's precisely what I strive to deliver every step of the way.

    My insight, perseverance and ability to negotiate brilliantly to achieve the best results for my clients are qualities that have earned me the trust and respect of my peers, as well as the unwavering loyalty of my customers.

    When you choose me as your residential real estate broker, you're choosing more than just a professional. You're partnering with a passionate man who will expertly guide you through the complex world of real estate, while ensuring that every step of your journey is crowned with success. Trust me to turn your real estate dream into an unforgettable reality. I embody excellence and commitment, and I'm ready to put all my energy into your real estate project.
  • Laetycia Dawly
    Laetycia Dawly
    Residential Real Estate Broker
  • Carolane Alary
    Carolane Alary
  • Rohina Panahi
    Rohina Panahi
    Residential Real Estate Broker
  • Véronique Gagné
    Véronique Gagné
  • Bruno Gilbert Bruno Gilbert
  • Cynthia Couture Cynthia Couture
  • Gabrielle Blais Gabrielle Blais
  • Steven Pimenta Steven Pimenta
  • Joël Langevin Joël Langevin
  • Samantha Rizkalla Samantha Rizkalla
  • Marc-Antoine Gratton Marc-Antoine Gratton
  • Laetycia Dawly Laetycia Dawly
  • Carolane Alary Carolane Alary
  • Rohina Panahi Rohina Panahi
  • Véronique Gagné Véronique Gagné

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