8 Essentials for the Perfect Summer Backyard

8 Essentials for the Perfect Summer Backyard

Whether you want to spend time with the family, host barbecues with friends or simply relax and enjoy the sunshine, you deserve a well-designed outdoor space.

The objective is to create a backyard design that combines comfort and fun, in addition to making daily life easier. Here is a list of 8 must-haves for the perfect summer backyard to enjoy your summer to the full at home.

A Relaxation Area

Investing in a comfortable outdoor living room set is crucial! Choose weather-resistant furnishings and don’t forget colourful pillows and an area rug for a touch of softness and sophistication. Ideally, this area should be fully or partially covered to protect you from the sun’s rays. This can be achieved with a pergola, a sun sail or shade panels.

If you don’t have the budget for an entire patio set, create a simpler relaxation area with a single armchair or a hammock and a few accessories, such as a side table on which you can put your cocktail or coffee.

A Good Quality Barbecue

Ensure mealtimes are hassle-free with a reliable barbecue in good condition. Whether you prefer charcoal, gas or even electric, using a high-performance appliance is the key to perfect grilling.

Flexible Lighting

Integrate outdoor lighting if you want to be able to spend evenings out on the patio. String lights, solar-powered lanterns and LED spotlights can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can likewise install recessed step lights to illuminate your deck’s stairs. Appropriate lighting is also useful for entertaining guests late into the night. Achieve the desired mood by turning on either one or all of the light sources.

Greenery and Flowers

Add life and colour to your backyard by including a wide variety of vegetation. Planted containers, flower-lined paths and hanging baskets will make all the difference! Water them daily to ensure they stay fresh and vibrant. Select easy-care flowers if you don’t have a green thumb. Finally, for a more contemporary look, you can’t go wrong with green walls!

A Place to Play

To keep young and old entertained, include games like a swing, a bean bag toss set, a badminton net or a ping-pong table. These activities will liven up your summer afternoons. Plus, they’ll get you moving!

A Pergola or Sun Shelter for the Perfect Backyard 

To protect you from the sun’s burning rays or summer showers, consider building a pergola or gazebo. These structures can equally serve as a support for climbing plants and thus be another way to include some extra vegetation. Alternatively, a patio umbrella can be a life saver against blazing sunlight. 

Storage Solutions

For a well-organized backyard, integrate as many storage options as possible. Weather-resistant deck boxes, shelves and bins can be employed to store your tools and accessories. They can also be where the kids put away their toys or where you keep your outdoor tableware and more delicate items (pillows, throws, etc.) when not in use.

A Water Feature

Don’t have a pool? A fountain, a pond or even a small inflatable pool can impart a refreshing coolness to your yard. The sound of flowing water can also have a calming effect and act as a gentle barrier against nearby noise.


By integrating the above-mentioned elements into your backyard, you can create a functional and pleasant outdoor space you will enjoy spending time in all summer long. No matter how small your backyard is, you can still ensure it’s comfortable for your guests and family. As a bonus, a house with a well-landscaped yard is more likely to appeal to buyers when the time comes to put it on the market.

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